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Find Shared Houses

Finding a shared house as a foreigner living in Korea is difficult. Learn about how Shared Homies makes finding a room easy and safe.

Helping People in Korea Find Housing

Verification & Trust

Shared Homies is the only shared and co-living housing service in Korea that guides tenants end-to-end.

This means we have boots on the ground – we visit every listing on our platform in person and verify photos, housemates, and landlords.

This is perfect for anyone who is starting their housing search while still overseas.

We also mediate rent/deposit transfers and contract signings for our tenants by working with operators.

Guided Housing Search

We engage and connect with tenants in order to provide them the easiest and safest housing search experience while matching them with verified operators.

We guide and educate tenants throughout the entire process using our expertise and vast network of operators and real estate agencies.

Tenants can also find and book listings using our interactive map, which finds the perfect room based on user preferences.

Security & Safety

Shared Homies was started after hearing our own tenants’ feedback for a safer way to reserve rooms and avoid scammers, fake listings, unrealistic photos, and high-pressure operators.

Our goal is to bring trust, safety, and reliability to the shared housing industry in Seoul.

Quick Move-in Process

Our fulfillment and move-in team is ready to help you move, get settled in, and start your life in Korea.

Our rooms come fully furnished, and many have utilities all included.

Tenant Assistance & Service

Living in Korea can be challenging. Our experienced team is here to support you from moving in to getting a bank account.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for both general and emergency assistance – we take care of our tenants!

We also partner with various vendors and local businesses to help you get deals.

Friendly Community

We help tenants connect with the wider expat and Korean shared housing community. This is a key service that all of our tenants cite as special about Shared Homies.

Our tenants consist of young professionals, startup CEOs, international students, and English teachers – there’s never a shortage of people looking to network, meet new friends, and make lasting memories.

Try it out now and join our Seoul Homies Kakao group chat.

Who Are Shared Homies Tenants?

Young Professionals

We have startup CEOs, office workers, and developers living under one roof - Read how we help professionals be successful.

International Students

From Korean language students to graduate PhD candidates, Shared Homies hosts many international students.

Global Travelers

Digital nomads, global backpackers, and traveling streamers all have found homes with Shared Homies.

What They're Saying​

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Tenant FAQs

Living Together & Culture

Shared Homies has members from all over the world. From exchange students to young professionals working at startups to student interns, the only requirement is you're committed to having an open mind while living with others.

Average age of Homie tenants is between 19-32, with most in their early 20s.

It is important to us to pair you up with housemates you'll get along with as best as possible. That's why we take into account both your preferences and those of current and incoming tenants.
We ask potential tenants to have a short video interview with us before signing any contract. This is so we can get to know you and so we can answer any questions you have.
We will connect you with your new housemates once all housemates have signed their contracts and paid their deposits.

Shared Homies operators are first and foremost about community, networking, and building relationships.

We have helped all sorts of tenants, such as foreign exchange students, but we specialize in building networks among young professionals.

Check out our Testimonials page to learn about how several of our tenants work in startups and small business.

Shared Homies can definitely help you and your friends find a place to live together. Most Shared Homies (and our partners) houses hold up from 3-4 people.


We have partnerships with several Korean and foreigner housing managers and can work with you to find an entire whole unit for you and your friends.


Shared Homies is the only booking and listing housing service in Korea that provides end-to-end guidance for tenants.

  1. Start by Exploring all shared housing listings or by starting with our Neighborhoods.
  2. Fill out our tenant survey.
  3. Find a housing listing you like.
  4. Make an account and either book a tour or send the operator a message with your questions.
  5. Confirm with Shared Homies or your operator.
  6. We'll send you an application. After reviewing, we'll send you a housing contract (Korean, English).
  7. Review and sign the contract, then upload it to our platform - no email tag needed!
  8. Pay the security deposit and first month's rent as instructed below to secure your room!

And be sure to message us or join our Kakao support chat to get in touch - because we always have more listings not on the site.

For Shared Homies, our number 1 priority is satisfying the tenant and helping out the operator. This is why unlike other shared housing sites, we try to put our tenants in the best room for them based on their preferences, not our own or just what we have available.


This is why we work with dozens of shared housing operators and real estate agencies to get YOU the room and housemates you deserve.


If we don't have the room, we'll find it for you even if it's with someone else!

Both are always available!


Unlike other shared housing spaces, we do not have a restrictive calendar blackout period. We always have short- and long-term rooms available either in our houses or our partners.


Our priority is helping YOU find the room at your right time, not filling our rooms according to our schedule.


All housing contracts - including those for Shared Homies houses and partner houses - can be in Korean or English.

We use our own contract-signing platform so you can sign contracts digitally and easily download them.

Absolutely! Shared Homies stands apart because our business model is dependent on us satisfying your interests.


We will walk you through every part of the contract and what it means in different situations.


The safer you feel about your living situation, the better that is for us. Win-win!

Shared Homies wants our tenants and operators to have instant and constant access to their contract and financial details


That's why we don't use e-mail for delivering contracts - E-mails can get lost or deleted easily. It's not easy to find a 6-month old email.


Instead, we use a secure eSign document delivery platform with a dashboard so you can receive and upload your contract - why wait around?

Our standard contracts allow for 30-day advance notice if you want to leave early - you must also find a replacement tenant.

If you have any long-term discount and notify us you're leaving early, your rent will be adjusted.


International Payments

Security Deposit & Rent

Shared Homies has a verified business TransferWise account for international payments.

We accept US Dollars and Euros.


Domestic Payments

Online Banking

If you have Korean online banking, you can do a direct bank transfer to the Shared Homies bank account.

Our business registration info is available upon request


You can pay directly into our bank account by visiting any local Korean bank branch - you'll need your passport and our bank account number.

The contract we recommend housing managers use states that tenants receive their deposits immediately upon moving out. 

International Refunds:

Your security deposit will be refunded within 3 business days via your original transfer method.

Domestic Refunds:

Your security deposit will be transferred to your bank within 3 business days.

We use Transferwise for US-based or international payments.

We use online bank transfers for people in Korea.

Unfortunately, no. When you agree to stay in one of our or our partners' houses, you are agreeing to cover the bills equally.

No, this is not possible or enforceable.


We understand that a perception of unfairness can wreak havoc on a housemate relationship. We ask that you first try to come to a resolution. However, if the imbalance is due to excessive guests, then we may step in.

Of course. All we need is a notification or email letting us know from whom the deposit or rent is being sent.


You bet! Shared Homies is the fastest-growing housing startup in Seoul, so we're always looking to connect with those who can help us.


We offer discounts for certain services, such as referring a new tenant, giving us a testimonial, and writing blog posts.

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