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Listing a shared house and finding tenants that fit your budget, location, and criteria have never been easier!

Submit & manage listings, send messages, monitor views & earnings, upgrade & promote houses, and pay on our secure platform.

Our Platform Connects Operators With Tenants

Submit Listings Instantly

Listing a shared house and finding tenants that fit your budget, location, and criteria have never been easier!

Submit & manage listings, send messages, monitor views & earnings, upgrade & promote houses, and pay on our secure platform.

Manage Your Bookings

Tenants can keep track of all the shared houses they have reserved or requested to tour. Confirm application status and cancel your booking all on platform.

We work with shared housing operators of all sizes. Whether you’re a real estate agency or an independent housing operator, you can manage ALL of your listings on our platform.


Secure Payment System

We make it easy to reserve a shared house, pay rent/deposits, purchase a listing plan, and add-on extra services.

Operators no longer must waste time collecting rent payments every month from multiple sources. We can collect, process, hold, and transfer all rent payments, and deposits.

Our platform builds and promotes trust among tenants and makes it easy for them to pay operators.

Communicate & Get Notified

Tenants, operators, freelancers, and others can communicate directly and privately on our platform while protecting their personal information.

Get notifications directly in your dashboard and email – you’ll never miss your next important booking!


Engage Tenants and Build Trust

Tenants can see key information about operators, including response time, star rating, and number of listings – No more anonymous operators with no track record.

Operators can build a personal brand on our platform to engage tenants more effectively, build trust, and earn bookings faster compared to posting on Facebook groups.

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Platform & Community FAQs


Until now, shared housing or co-living spaces have been disorganized and inconsistent. For every person who is lucky to find a room quickly, countless more deal with fake listings, dishonest photos, stolen deposits, and unethical operators.


Other listing sites do absolutely nothing to solve these issues; their only goal is a high volume of listings to maximize service fees.


Shared Homies is the first platform that is designed to tackle these issues. We only work with verified operators and carefully matchmake tenants together to create a community and ensure consistency.


The truth is you will find other services with more listings, but our platform ensure consistent quality interactions between operators and tenants.

Platform - Handmade by Shared Homies


Finance - We contract with Korean payment and bank transfer services


Customer Relations - We created a member login platform for signing contracts, delivering invoices, and communications with tenants and operators.


No confusing Google spreadsheets for you!

Kakao Group Chat

Our Kakao housing group chat is the largest, fastest-growing housing community in Korea without a doubt!

You can use the housing group chat to talk to verified Homie operators.


We also have a Seoul Homies Kakao group chat full of 100+ members where we discuss life in Korea.

We started the group chat because we are shared housing operators ourselves. We saw tenants' and operators' concerns about mistrust, inconsistency, and shady operators and realized there was a need for Shared Homies to build a community connecting trustworthy operators with tenants.


Here is the link for the Kakao shared housing group chat.


Here is the link for the Kakao lifestyle group chat.


  • If you are an operator, feel free to join! However, you must be verified by one of the mods before you start posting. This is to prevent low-quality listings and operators. The group chat is a safe, reliable space for tenants.
  • If you are a tenant, you are encouraged to join and find a room from any of our verified Shared Homies operators. We cannot guarantee the quality or veracity of any non-verified operators - that is your own risk, so be careful!

Support & Contact

You can contact us via our contact page.


You can send an email to Stephen at hello@sharedhomies.com.


You can send an email to Andrew at andrew@sharedhomies.com.

We are available to answer questions and chat in our Kakao live channel chat.

Please note, our timezone is KST and we typically respond from 9:00 am - 10:00 pm KST.

Our Homie tenants and operators will be given an onboarding packet with ways to contact us privately.

You can also contact us at our contact page or Kakao live channel chat.

And Much More


Receive reviews from your verified tenants and build a reputation that will help you earn tenants easier and keep them longer!

Social Community

Post updates, questions, and experiences in the Homie Social Community. Join our 700-member Kakaochat and show off your Homie badge!

Affiliate Partnerships

Take advantage of our local business partners in order to attract tenants with special offers - cafes, restaurants, and bars are a part of the Shared Homies network.

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Tell tenants and the Homie community about yourself by making a guest post on our Blog - we have SEO professionals to help you make a lasting impact.

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