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Shared Homies helps operators find and keep tenants more easily by transforming them into people-first businesses.

How We Help Operators

We provide value to operators in four ways:

  • By delivering tenants, including referrals, fulfillments, onboarding, contracts, and rent/deposit payments

By serving as an engaging and trustworthy tenant-facing sales & marketing team

By providing expert shared housing consulting and education services


By delivering tenants, including referrals, fulfillments, onboarding, contracts, and rent/deposit payments

By building reputation for operators among the shared housing community

Sales & Marketing

We put operators in position to do what they do best: manage their properties.

We take care of marketing, outreach, engagement, and sales, adding tremendous value and saving time for both independent and agency operators.

Our client-facing experts strive to engage, understand, and validate tenants’ concerns.

Expert Consulting

Shared Homies was started by a team of veteran shared housing operators with the goal of providing knowledge, expertise, and reliability to other co-living businesses.

We have a long track record of success and community-building and are eager to share our techniques, platform, and services to operators looking to grow.

Tenant Delivery

We have the biggest and fastest-growing shared housing community in Korea, including a 700-member Kakao group chat.

Shared Homies delivers prime tenant leads at multiple levels of the vertical supply chain to our operator partners.

Our tenant engagement services include tenant referrals, fulfillments and placements, contracts, onboarding, and rent/deposit payments.


Reputation Building

One of the biggest problems affecting shared housing in Korea is the fear of scams and mistrust. Shared Homies aims to solve tenant fears by building trust and reputation for our operators.

Use our platform to display tenant reviews, response time, and blog content. Use our Social Community to interact with prospective tenants.

Why Operators Love Shared Homies


Our platform has everything our Homie operators need to contact, understand, and book tenants - from a stats dashboard to a full messaging system.

Global Tenants

Shared Homies and our operator partners specialize in catering to foreigners who want to live in Korea. Our houses are full of young professionals working in startups and studying Korean - we're building a global network.

Easy Listings & Payments

Our platform makes it easy to list shared houses for rent and to collect payments - our tenants simply log on and pay via our platform, and we send you the money!

Actionable Tool

By listing on Shared Homies, our operators are able to reach tenants in a multi-channel manner - our Kakao group chat, social community, and SEO-optimized blog.

Community engagement

Attract more tenants by building a stellar online reputation in our fast-growing shared housing community. We understand how to build trust and excitement in the foreigner community.

Easy-to-use Interface

Switch easily between Customer & Operator roles in your Dashboard. Keep track of your bookings, listings, and payments in our beautiful backend.

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Featured Operators

Stephen Wagner

"A shared housing community"

“I take a people-first approach to my houses. I don’t seek to fill my rooms as fast as possible – I actually pick and choose tenants carefully because building a community and friendships among my tenants means everyone is happier.

My current tenants are young professionals. I have members of Seoul Startups, Korean Grand Startup Challenge, and other small businesses as my tenants!”

Stephen's Shared Houses

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Andrew Kim

"700 members can't be wrong!"

“My priority as an operator and Shared Homie is to make it easy, fun, and no headaches to book a room in Seoul. I started out living in guesthouses and co-living houses myself, so every time I hear of a foreigner getting taken advantage of, it makes me want to build Shared Homies even more!

We’re on the ground and making sure people seeking shared houses get what they need…and have fun in the process!”

Andrew's Shared Houses

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    Our Operators

    Operator FAQs

    Platform & Services

    Think of Shared Homies like a 3PL (3rd party logistics) company for your houses! We are able to take care of almost anything related to property and housing management for shared houses.


    • Check out how our Platform can help operators.
    • Read about how we help operators.
    • Read about our services (fulfillment, lead generation, payment processing, and housing management) below.

    We have the biggest shared housing tenant and operator community in Korea. We utilize our community and expertise to find operators tenants according to their criteria.


    Tenant fulfillment means that we utilize our community and expertise to find tenants according to operators' criteria.


    For example, if a partner needs to fill a 6-month contract, we find a tenant ready to book for 6 months. We hand deliver that to the operator, which is the end of the interaction. Tenant management such as rent collection is still done by the operator.

    Lead Generation involves us sourcing warmed leads from our huge community of tenants and operators. 


    This is often best for real estate 부동산 agencies looking for a higher volume of prospects.


    We do not fulfill or guarantee that the tenant will book, however, so a part of the marketing and engagement process is still up to the operator.

    Both of Shared Homies' founders are experienced housing operators and managers - We provide our expertise to Korean and independent foreigner housing managers who have the following goals:

    • Attract more and higher quality tenants
    • Learn how to book tenants faster
    • Communicate with tenants more effectively to avoid misunderstandings
    • Write a housing contract that is fair and protects both sides
    • Furnish and decorate rooms easily and cheaply
    • Resolve conflicts between housemates from different cultures

    Housing management means that Shared Homies will take on a more active management role for our operator partners.

    The housing contract with the Korean owner will still be in the operator's name, but the operation, branding, and price structures will be managed entirely by Shared Homies (all legal approvals and ownership is still by the housing manager).

    This service is perfect for those with capital who want to establish a track record as a shared housing operator but either don't have any experience or want to benefit from our industry-leading expertise, community, and resources.

    Although Shared Homies is NOT a brokerage (공인중개사), we do assist housing managers and operators who are overwhelmed managing their payments.

    Get in touch for details!

    Payments & Processing

    If you are using our tenant fulfillment or lead generation services, then you are purchasing a service with a discrete end point.


    We source, confirm, and deliver tenants or warmed leads to you directly in exchange for payment upfront.


    You can see more here.

    If you are using our payment processing or housing management service, you are purchasing an ongoing, recurring service.


    We provide full onboarding (in-person or virtual), a welcome packet, and resources.


    Payment for management services will be done upfront.


    Payouts of tenant rents will be subject to a 2.5% fee and will be made 3 business days after we receive rents and deposits from tenants.


    You can learn more by contacting us.

    We use Transferwise for international payments.


    We use an bank transfers on our platform using a virtual transfer processor for domestic payments.

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