Tenant Fulfillment

Find share housing tenants quickly & start earning rent today – We find quality international tenants and sell your rooms for you

What is Fulfillment?

Who is it for?

For independent and agency operators

What does it do?

Finding, onboarding, signing, and managing tenants


How does it help?

Marketing, promotion, outreach, and brand-building

What can I add?

Add-ons (Negotiation and Recurring Management) available

Why Fulfillment?

We get to the bottomline

The hardest part of operating a shared house, guesthouse, or co-living space is finding and keeping tenants.

Our fulfillment service solves this problem by freeing up housing managers to focus on their daily activities instead of spending time online.

By serving as a trustworthy tenant-facing sales & marketing team, we are able to fulfill tenants faster, for longer contract times, and at higher monthly rents compared to finding tenants alone.

Fulfillment Process

Fulfillment Details


We provide Negotiation and Management services for operators who are more passive or want to obtain higher monthly rents from tenants.

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